14 September 2019

Oh my gosh ...
... we've got a very busy year with a lot of wonderful people. Looking forward to an upcoming publishing of our artwork we have to keep some dirty little secrets. So we just give you a short preview of two awesome participants. We are very pleased to present you Mr. Tito Larriva (USA - musician & actor) and Ms. Dana Athens (USA - musician | Jane Lee Hooker)

website // Tito Larriva & Tarantula | Jane Lee Hooker

24 September 2018

On the road again ...

... more good news coming soon ...


03 September 2017

 Back from summer holiday ...

... we present you some impression of our shooting with Kent Aoki from Tokyo based band heaven in her arms. With was a pleasure to met this very handsome men and the rest of the crew. :-)

website //   Heaven in her Arms Facebook

20 Juni / June 21th 2017

Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke

We had an wonderful time and photoshooting with Mr. Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke. Jaz' handwritten statement is like his personality absolutly breathtaking. We are looking forward to share it in our upcoming book with the world. For the moment we hope you enjoy a little impression of the photo shooting with him. We also would like to thank Mr. Peter Carr of Various Artists Management.

website //   Killing Joke Facebook

21 Januar / January 21th 2017

Candace Kucsulain of Walls of Jericho

If you are on the road for a long time you feel very quickly if you find a sister in mind. Today we met Candace of Walls of Jericho from Detroit, USA. We talked with her about our project goals and what we are looking for. We were very surprised about what kind of personal acces Candace have got to the topic of autism awareness. Be prepared of her personal statement. 

website //   Walls of Jericho Facebook

07 Dezember / December 7th 2016

Ian D'Sa of Billy Talent

Sometimes life surprise you in a very positive way and you have the chance to met the people who've influenced you the most over the last years. Today was one of those days ! The confirmation to shoot with Ian of Billy Talent was a very short term adventure but sometimes those kind of adventures make the best stories.

website //   Billy Talent  //  Billy Talent Facebook

10 November / November 10th 2016

Tommy Victor and the melancholia of Essen/Germany

What have Marylin Manson, Trent Reznor, Rob Zombie und Glenn Danzig in common? They all work with guitar genius Tommy Victor! Today we worked with the LA allround  guitarist and PRONG singer in Leipzig, too. Tommy showed us the person behind the rock and roll mask and shared a wonderful statement about the melancholia of the streets of Essen with us.

website //   PRONG  //  Prong Facebook

26 Oktober / August 15th 2016


Voivod over Germany!

The legend is back. We met "Snake" of Canada's most influential thrash-metal band VOIVOD. It was exciting to met a living legend.

website //   VOIVOD  //  Voivod Facebook

15 August / August 15th 2016


Noise in the USA

Today we share some quiet moments with Scott Kelly of Neurosis. We made some photos with him at the UT Connewitz in Leipzig. It's hard to describe this wonderful man in the right way but we hope that we  catched his wonderful spirit in one of our pictures.

website //   Neurosis // Neurosis Facebook

28 Juni / June 28th 2016


May the spirit be with you

Yesterday we met Michael Miley of the band RIVAL SONS for an exklusive photoshooting for our fine little charity project in our hometown Leipzig.

He told us something about his faith and how to stay on the right track on tour. We are looking forward to his handwritten statement for our upcoming photo book.

It was a very impressive evening for us. Thank you Michael!

website //   Rival Sons // Rival Sons Facebook

17. Mai / May 17th 2016


Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016

We are back from a busy weekend again. Last weekend we did a couple of photoshootings with the musician of the bandy and projects Hante (FR), Peter Yates (UK), BIOMEKKANIK (SWE) and Bestial Mouths (USA). We would like to thank every single participant and especially Mr. Cornelius Brach of the WGT-Festival.

website //   Wave-Gotik-Treffen // Hante // Peter Yates // BIOMEKKANK // Bestial Mouth

07. Dezember / December 07th 2015



We worked with one of Denmarks most famous metal singer Esben Hansen from the band HateSphere.

Esse, it was a great pleasure to meet you ! D. & T.

website //   hatesphere.com

26. September / September 26th 2015



Gestern trafen wir eine Legende der Musikszene Seattles, den Sänger der Band The Melvins, Buzz Osborne. Wir freuen uns, dass er sich für uns in seinem vollen Terminkalender Zeit genommen hat und so ein Teil unseres Projektes wurde.



Yesterday we met a legend from the Seattle music scene Buzz Osborne, singer of the outstanding band (the) Melvins. We are happy that he share a moment of his busy schedule with us and participate in this way in our little fine project.


website //   themelvins.net


13. September / September 13th 2015



Wir waren mit dem US-Musikproduzenten und Mastermind der Band Conjure One, Rhys Fulber, für ein paar Fotos in Leipzig unterwegs. Rhys Fulber ist u.a. für seine Remix-Arbeiten für Künstler wie Avril Lavigne, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Alice Cooper und Sarah Brightman bekannt. 



We did a photo tour with the producer and mastermind of the band Conjure One in the city of Leipzig. Rhys Fulber is known for his remix work for artist e.g.  Avril Lavigne, Megadeth, Fear Factor, Alice Cooper and Sarah Brightman.


website // www.facebook.com/conjureone


28. Mai / May 28th 2015



Wir waren mit unserem Projekt auf dem diesjährigen WGT in Leipzig unterwegs. Es konnten  Shootings mit vielen talentierten Künstlern (Minuit Machine, The Frozen Autumn, Cacophoneuses, Evi Vine und Michael Sele [The Beauty of Gemina]) gemacht werden und wir freuen uns, den ein oder anderen in naher Zukunft wieder zu sehen.


Auf unserer Wordpress Seite, haben wir einige unserer Erlebnisse auf dem WGT für die Nachwelt fest gehalten. Wir möchten den Organisatoren des Festivals unseren Dank aussprechen, dass Sie unsere Arbeit auf dem Festival unterstützt und ermöglicht haben.




We visited this year's WGT with our project.  There were made a lot photoshootings with many talented artists (Minuit Machine, The Frozen Autumn, Cacophoneuses, Evi Vine and Michael Sele [The Beauty of Gemina]) and we are pleased to see one or the other in the near future.


We have kept some of our experiences from the WGT  on our Wordpress page. We would like to thank the organizers of the festival, that they have supported and enabled our work at the festival.


website // www.wave-gotik-treffen.de

30. April / April 30th 2015



Wir freuen uns sehr, die große Dame des New-Wave, Anne Clark, für unser Projekt gewonnen zu haben. Im Rahmen Ihrer "Enough"-Tour, bei der Sie mit den Musikern Murat Parlak und Jan-Michael Engel auf der Bühne steht, konnten wir Sie während Ihres Aufenhaltes in Berlin fotografieren.


We are very pleased to announce that one of the great ladies of "New Wave", Anne Clark, joined our project. We photographed Anne Clark before their concert during her "Enough" tour in Berlin.


website // www.anneclarkofficial.com

09. März / March 9th 2015



Es war mal wieder an der Zeit, einen ganz besonderen Charakter vor unsere Kamera zu holen. Deswegen haben wir gestern mit Arvid John Jonsson, dem Frontmann der schwedischen Stonerrock Ikone "Greenleaf", eine Fotosession im Herzen von Leipzig gehabt.


Once again it was time to bring a very special character in front of our camera. That is why we had a photoshooting with John Arvid Jonsson, the frontman of the Swedish stoner rock icon "Greenleaf".


website // www.facebook.com/greenleafrocks

07. Februar  / February 7th 2015



Gestern hatten wir einen wundervollen Tag und Abend mit dem kanadischen Songwriter Jeff Beadle. Auf seinem Tourstop in Leipzig schaffte er es vor unsere Kamera.



Yesterday we had a wonderful day and evening with the Canadien singer and songwriter Jeff Beadle. He made a tour stop in our hometown Leipzig and so we used the chance to get him in front of our camera.


website // www.jeffbeadle.com

Januar / January 2015



Mit Unterstützung des Jahn-Museums konnten 250,- EUR für die Autismusambulanz Halle/Saale gesammelt werden. Wir bedanken uns recht herzlich bei allen Beteiligten.



With the support of the Jahn-Museum 250, - EUR was collected for the autism clinic Halle / Saale. We would like to thank all those involved. 

03.05. - 01.08.2014


Persönlichkeiten und Ihr Ort der inneren Ruhe

Eine Fotoausstellung in Kooperation mit der Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Gesellschaft, Freyburg/Unstrut

Ausstellung 2014 in Freyburg / Unstrut

In Kooperation mit der Friedrich-Luwig-Jahn-Gesellschaft werden in den Räumlichkeiten des Jahn-Museums vom 03.05. - 01.08.2014 ein Teil der Fotos und Statements, die während der Arbeiten zum Projekt Erdung entstanden sind, gezeigt. Die in diesem Rahmen gesammelten Spenden und ein Teil des Eintritterlöses werden zu Gunsten der Autismusambulanz Halle gespendet.


Informationen zur Ausstellung und Öffnungszeiten des Jahn-Museums finden Sie unter: www.jahn-museum.de